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Holiday Gift Guide, Pt. 1

March 11, 2019August 23, 2020No comments

The holidays are here! While we are all searching for the greatest gifts, some of us are having better luck than others. Here at M.C. Ginsberg, we are passionate about about educating and advising you on the rarest jewelry and watch collections in the world. This gift guide is the perfect way to learn more about the designers we love and carry in our store while we help you cross more things off your Christmas list. This week’s guide features three M.C.G. employees and their favorite products sold in the store! – – – – – –


Founded by Steven Lagos in 1977, Lagos is a privately-owned jewelry company known for their craftsmanship and textured, caviar-like beading. To them, jewelry is seen as the most significant, personal forms of artistry, and each one is crafted differently. Lizzie (right) found beauty in the gemstone bracelets and necklaces from Lagos. With easy-to-use clasps and bursts of color, each piece is sure to make a statement. “The necklaces are so versatile. You can wear them long, or double it up, and the bracelets add a little color to any outfit!† – Lizzie – – – – – – J.W. Hulme Co. has been crafting the finest leather goods for more than a century. Their products add a touch of backpack the past to what’s trending in the near future. “Leather that only improves with age, canvas used for Army tents during WWI, and designers who pay attention to every detail big and small – this is what makes J.W. Hulme last. No matter where you take us, 100 years of craftsmanship and tradition go with you.†– J.W. Hulme


Jenny (right) loves the Legacy Backpack for it’s depth and deep color. The sturdy buckles, straps, and pockets make the bags more durable and ensure that they’ll last! J.W. Hulme Co. offers both mens and womens products ranging from luggage tags to briefcases to duffel bags – all of which come with a variety of color options. More than 100 years of craftmanship are found in every piece designed and manufactured by J.W. Hulme Co. – – – – – –


The Lauren K. collection is known for its wide array of gemstones. Each stone is handpicked for its unique characteristics and crafted in 18KY gold in New York City. Every piece has a distinctive personality, making them one of a kind for any client. The “bohemian chic†designs make great everyday pieces, as well as excellent statement pieces – sure to be the “star of the showâ€. “All of Lauren K.’s pieces has a variety of pieces that are glamorous and elegant, but also perfect for everyday!†– Nadia (right) Normally fashioned in slices, watermelon tourmaline is a rarity which makes it highly collectible. The green outer layers represent the skin of a watermelon while the pink internal characteristics represent the fruit. The stones often include gas and liquid inclusions that resemble thin, long, gas-filled fractures and add unique characteristics to each stone. No two slices are the same – one reason it is favorite of M.C. Ginsberg! – – – – – –

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