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As an art dealer and the owner of M. C. Ginsberg in Iowa City, Mark Ginsberg has created something more than a profitable business dedicated to the bottom line. Soon after buying his father’s jewelry store in 1985, he established the M. C. Ginsberg Fund to better serve the arts community in Iowa City through free exhibitions, public lectures, artist’s workshops, and community arts events. If one takes from their community, they are morally and ethically bound to return with the same vigor. Nietzsche put it well, “If you have a why to live for, you can bear any how.”

Love Without Prejudice

M.C. Ginsberg believes everyone should be able to live and love without prejudice. Show your support by buying our “Couples” poster, a 24 inch by 36 inch print designed for M.C. Ginsberg, available at our…

By M.C. Ginsberg

January 1, 2014