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About Us

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Since 1985 M.C. Ginsberg has provided a team of professional jewelers passionate to educate and advise you on the rarest jewelry and watch collections throughout the world. There are no luxuries beyond our reach or yours. We look forward to connecting to the current generation and those to follow.
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Our Philosophy

At M.C. Ginsberg, our commitment is to provide only the finest quality objects, or help you custom create your own object of art. Each object in our store is hand selected on the basis of superior artistic and intrinsic value from sources around the world. Our professional staff, educated by the Gemological Institute of America, is trained to provide a host of personalized services to fulfill your every wish. Just use your imagination and discover at M.C. Ginsberg what you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Mission

If M.C. Ginsberg had a mission statement, it would be “chaos rules.” That’s because M.C. Ginsberg is not solely a jewelry store. The retail space showcases its inventory in a series of drawers, encouraging clients to explore like anthropologists. The second floor is a gallery and incubator for custom designing for you. The second floor houses original works for viewing and for sale as well as specially curated exhibitions presenting jewelry as works of art.

Our Vision

M.C. Ginsberg Jewelers supports the arts as enrichment for the whole community. Soon after buying his fathers jewelry store in 1985, Mark Ginsberg established the M.C. Ginsberg Fund to serve the arts community in Iowa City through free exhibitions, public lectures, artists workshops, and community arts events. Known for initiating cultural programming as well as hoping to inspire other businesses, large and small, to follow its lead, M.C. Ginsberg Jewelers spans more than two decades of committed activism in the arts. The business has given nearly $600,000 to the arts since 1984, in addition to countless in-kind donations and volunteer hours.